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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Truth be told, Evan didn't have anything particularly against Apollo and his character, but there were still some things that gave him... concerns about his sister's... friendship? His own experiences mostly, and perhaps something it wasn't even fair to keep into consideration any longer given his opinion came from happenings when he was a fourth year and everyone else was even younger still.

But... protective older brother was protective. It was something he was working on. And in a year... he'd be gone and none of them would have to worry about him anyways.

Not in any relationship type regard.

Evan didn't notice Apollo's entrance, until he heard the male speak which unfortunately came a moment after he'd thrown a couple pairs of trousers back behind him and towards the boy. Hopefully his Quidditch training helped him dodge those. As for looking in the places most unexpected, Ev raised an eyebrow. "Which would be... where?" Living in a castle with far too many floors, looking anywhere unexpected could have been anywhere. The expected seemed a far better place.
Protective instincts.... on some level, Apollo could never truly understand that when it came to siblings at least. But he did know where Evan might have been coming from, even if he couldn't relate exactly.

He spoke a moment too late, as he caught a pair of trousers thrown back at him and quickly tossed them aside upon realizing what they were. Waiting too long to speak was never a good thing, since who knew what Evan might have thrown behind him next. He shrugged nonchalantly at the question, because honestly, he had little idea? "Uh.... the washer? Hope it's not your homework" Although if Evan was like his sister, he'd probably just do it over instead of wasting this effort. Okay seriously... where would he look for something?

"I just mean well, maybe it's right in front of you. So like, you know how if you wear glasses and put them on top your head... you ask where your glasses are, forgetting they're on your head. So like, try in the obvious places?"

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