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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Noah Evans had a train to catch in an hour or so. Yes, he could apparate to his destination, but it was a bit far and he wasn't familiar with the area. His sister would be crushed if he had some sort of apparition accident on his way to visit, and then she wouldn't have anybody left and that thought scared him.

Walking leisurely through the station with a (homemade!)coffee in hand, Noah spotted someone(nice hair) walking a... pig? That wasn't something he saw every day! He approached the guy, hoping that he wouldn't mind. He was drinking what appeared to be coffee! His hair was amazing! He was walking a pig! Noah really couldn't help but be interested. "Um..." He smiled in a friendly manner. "...Can I say hi to your pig?" And ask what sort of coffee you're drinking, he thought to himself.
No sooner had his thoughts drifted to dandelion collecting and warm rhubarb custard was he interrupted by the kind and tender words of another. His head turned and the movement caused some of his free locks to catch the breeze and dance upon it until it draped behind his shoulder. He ought to have tied it up in a bun today, though perhaps later after he had finished tending to the garden and repairing the fence that one of the cows had kicked down the other day.

"Salutations," Jericho greeted with a little flourish of the wrist and a small bow at the waist. Whistling gentle, his beloved little teacup pig pivoted around and came to stand beside his ankle so to he could pick her up more easily. Which he did and cradled her in his arms. "Poppy always enjoys making a new friend. Just be sure to show her both of your hands so she may inspect them first."

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