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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Second year was already becoming weird in that peer pressure kind of way. Phoenix never really thought he'd be the type to be susceptible to that sort of thing, though he supposed he never really thought that much about it to begin with. But even last term near the end he was starting to feel overlooked and like he wasn't fitting in all that well. It didn't bother him too much, especially as he had his cousin and a few close friends, but he supposed even he was vulnerable to the pressure to fit among his peers.

And somehow that included truth or dare. Phoenix knew he should have picked truth when he somehow got roped into the game after lunch with a group of second and third years. But there was also something that felt too personal when exposing truths in this game, so he opted for the dare, hoping that it wouldn't be too painful. And it wasn't... it was just... not something he was all that comfortable doing. It wasn't something that he would normally do, but he supposed that was the point. Hopefully the other person wouldn't mind either because he also wasn't comfortable doing something another person wasn't okay with.

But he supposed he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. Or when the next person walked into the Great Hall. Hopefully they also weren't someone bigger than him because he wasn't sure how that would work out. But clearly he was overthinking things here. For now, he leaned in the doorway and waited.
Tahani walked into the Great Hall. She was preoccupied with thought about the pending homeworks she had. That is when she saw a boy waiting by the door of the hall. 'Hi, did you want something?,'
she asked. Why was he waiting in the doorway?
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