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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Lisa was right. He would help her whenever she needed it. Which amazed him because he remembered making a vow to himself when he was younger not to get caught up in 'friendships' and other things. He didn't say anything, simply nodded and slipped the notebook inside his bag.

"You mean if I believe that three mythological goddesses are responsible for everything in my life by simply spinning a thread?" he snorted "No, I don't" But there was a hint of hesitation in his voice when he said this. He didn't even notice it himself. Why was she even interested in this anyway? "If there really existed something like 'fate,' then that would suck" he said."Imagine discovering that everything you've done in life was not your own choices and you were never in control of your own life..." the thought scared him a bit.

Evan had received perfect scores on his OWL exams? Daniel jerked his head down to gaze at his friend rather than the clouded sky above them on the ceiling. "Are you serious?" he asked. "I'm not surprised, but I am surprised." Evan was smart. He was definitely one of the brightest students at Hogwarts. But getting every Outstanding grade was a real achievement.

Lisa was mistaken if she thought he was going to encourage her by saying, 'she could do it too!' and that he 'believed in her!' Daniel crossed his arms in front of his chest and nodded his head. "Yes, you can't compete with that"he said, a cheeky grin on his face. "Do you want chocolate bread?" he asked as he pushed the plate towards her. "They're really good"
Lisa raised both eyebrows at Daniel’s question and prompt snort as if to say Well… She didn’t even note the slight hesitation in his voice because she was so caught up with him snorting at her question! “I swear it’s a legitimate, serious question of the minds!” she clarified with a sigh. She took a moment to listen to his thought process. She pursed her lips as she paused, trying to align her thoughts. “I mean… yes… terrifying and it would suck. But can you prove that fate doesn’t exist? Like how do you explain your wand choosing your or Cat choosing you?

She nodded. “Yeah… I shouldn’t be surprised either and I know I shouldn’t compete…” Or worry about it but the more she thought on it, the more the younger sibling, competitive side of her came roaring to life.

Lisa should have expected Daniel to say something like that but still she gasped and moved her hand away from under his to give him a gentle shove. “Rude,” she scoffed and crossed her arms but wore a smile on her face the whole time. She looked down and sighed. “Buuut you’re not wrong..

Are you trying to placate or cheer me up with chocolate bread?” she asked teasingly. “You know my kryptonite… Anything chocolate or sour… Thanks.” She took a slice and began munching on it. Mmm! Lisa have an appreciative nod at the flavour and texture. That was delicious!!
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