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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post

Nope, not a bad dream. Suppose even her small stature, though she was a growing little lady in her early teens, had not been able to mask her from eyes of the curious snakes in this table. Upon hearing her name, Yukie whipped around to face whoever it was, eyes wider than usual from another wave of panic. "Hi!" She also casually pulled her beanie down a bit more. Maybe it was the beanie. Of course, it was! Who wears beanies inside? She was sticking out like a sore thumb. The name of this older pretty Slytherin escaped her as well, another effect of her panic. Yukie never missed a face, and had better memory for remembering names of schoolmates than for remembering dates of goblin rebellions.

The third year almost forgot there had been a second question. She was distressed and distracted. "Y-yes..." Yukie started to say, but it was obvious just from looking at her that she was lying. At the same time, she hated lying so it was already souring her mood even more. "...No." Final answer.
Bella would say that she was an expert in reading body language, but it was obvious that something was up with Yukie. That she kept pulling the beanie down more and more over her head was the big clue. Something was not okay. Could it be with her hair since she did everything possible to hide it from everyone's view? Bella kept calm even though she was getting very curious and really wanted to pull the beanie away to see what was underneath. She wasn't that kind of girl though.

Unsure of how to tackle the problem Bella tried to ask more questions even though Yukie was obviously distracted and distressed by a situation that Bella knew nothing about unless the lioness shared what was wrong. "Why are you wearing a beanie Yukie? You've got lovely hair, and a pretty face. Don't you want boys to see that?" After a long pause she added sincerely "I'd like to help you if I can Yukie. I can see that you are distressed, but I can't help if you don't tell what the problem is."
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