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The man's suspicion was not noted, though given the history of... well, magic in general she would have respected it entirely. As it was, Sookie merely offered a smile to the employee - who she was sure she'd seen around but had yet to memorize the name of. "I'm Sookie Baek." Sometimes it was easier to just introduce herself in the order that Brits were accustomed to, despite how weird it felt to her to do so. "And I was hoping to trouble you on something."

Pulling out the list of the mernapped from her department, she set it down and smile slightly at the man. "I know your department has been essential in communicating with the victims loved ones. I was wondering if it was possible to get contact information for the family's of these individuals." Though now that she was asking, she was perhaps wondering if this was something she should have been taking directly to Hugo. No matter, it was worth the question and if the man were not comfortable - no harm, no foul.

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