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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
While he was not usually one to find himself racing through the hallways, it occurred to Evan he had left something important in the pocket of one of his trousers before it had gone off to the laundry room that day. He wasn't sure if the house elves checked pockets, especially considering that extra step shouldn't have to be in their lists of responsibilities, so in an effort to save it - here he was. He'd tried to slow while passing all the Professor offices and classrooms, but he'd had a long way to go.

Finally reaching the room, he bee lined for the Ravenclaw laundry piles and began trying to find any of his clothes - which he thankfully was very meticulous about labeling. "Where is it, where is it?" He was mumbling as he sorted.
He almost missed it. But as Apollo was casually headed to the Great Hall, there was the blur of a figure headed the other direction that caught his interest. Steering around to follow, the sixth year blinked when he saw Maya and Lisa's brother in there ... panicking?

Well this was unexpected. But Apollo also was kind of grateful about this meeting because he hadn't really spoken a WHOLE lot to Evan... weirdly enough. Did Evan not like him for some reason? Who knew? But this was his moment to show Evan that he was a good guy... Not a random creep who lurked in laundry room doorways, staring...

Giving a fake cough to get the older guy's attention, he walked over to him. "I find when I'm looking for something, the best place is always in the places unexpected." Which was kind of an oxymoron?

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