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SPOILER!!: The lovely Tahani! <3
Originally Posted by La_Luna View Post
First few days in the Wizarding world. Tahani was excited and nervous. She had met a lot of nice people. This calmed her and made her a lot less anxious. After having sent a letter to her family explaining the various nuances of the wizarding world, she decided to take a stroll. That is when she had come across this beautiful balcony. She decided to chill for a while there. Maybe she would make new friends.

She was chilling by herself, that is when she came across an older girl sitting and sketching. Tahani loved sketching and was curious. 'Hi!,' she said.

Aria had paused and was surveying her coloured pencils. She had taken her time to separate colours she deemed match her autumn theme and was now trying to decide what colour would best suit the pockets. Because yes… pockets in ladies dresses were important as well as fashionable. “Vermilion?’’ came her murmur, right hand hovering over the pencil beside her right knee. “Blood red? Brown sugar?” UGH! The decisions one had to make with designing were tough, especially when working under pressure.

It took her a moment to register the fact that someone had greeted her. When she finally did, Aria’s gaze slid from the person’s feet and up to their face. She recognised the newcomer as a firstie from the Sorting Ceremony. “Hello, hello,’’ the sixth year replied somewhat distractedly. “Tell me. What colour would you want your dress pockets to be? You have a limited choice, that choice being only autumn colours.”
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