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SPOILER!!: Bry! <3
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Obsessed? This was not an obsession. Becoming a true junior ninja warrior princess by the time she was nine was a life goal! Yes, poor little Ary had become the one that she dragged around to train with her nearly all of the time but that's because she wanted to share something that was important to her with him.. because HE was IMPORTANT to HER! Maybe someday he would understand that too, just like one day he would understand why he was her boyiefwiend.

There was noway that Bryony would deny Vinny the petting that he sought from her. "Don't worry, it's in here somewhere's." The marble that is. A little more rummaging through her pockets and she had finally found it. Pulling a very shinny marble from her pocket, she held it out in the palm of her hand for Vinny to snatch up. "Sorry's it's not somethings better." Being eight years old, it wasn't often that she had coins on her to spare.

Life goal, obsession… older Ary would surely think they were the same in Bry’s case. He would even be worried about her and her extreme moves which may cause her injury. But eight year old Ary didn’t think much on the topic. He simply let Bry be. Somehow though, somehow he knew how important it was for Bry to share her ninja moments with him. It was definitely one of the reasons he went along with her, why he put up with the injuries and what seemed like torture to him. Ary probably did not really realise what he felt because he was always wrapped up in his world of muggle toys and dragons and hippogriffs. But he did know he was definitely not Bry’s boyiefweind.

Vinny kept sniffing at Bry and Ary kept looking in fascination at Vinny. The Niffler at least was patient and when he finally got the marble, he seemingly hugged it to himself. Ary thought that was very cute. By this time, Vinny’s friends were approaching them too. “More nifflers!’’ In delight, the little boy nodded two others out to Bry. “More marbles?” he asked his chatterbox friend. If not, he’d have to rummage through his own pockets to see what he came up with.
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