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Rain or shine, the Great Hall continues to be the hub of the school. Four long tables, one for each House as defined by the banners floating above them, are stationed in the enormous room facing the raised table reserved for the school staff. Already placed on the tables are silver plates with accompanying cutlery and goblets. Mountains of food and pitchers containing your favourite beverages are at your fingertips.

Whether you arrived for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on time or late, feel free to dig in as the headmaster has no speech to give. Keep yourself preoccupied by catching up with your fellow housemates or those who are visiting from the other tables while sink your teeth into the hearty and delicious meal prepared by the house-elves. Just remember to display proper eating etiquette and don't get any funny ideas. Food is to be eaten, not thrown across the dining room. Wasting food will come at a price that you will not like to pay.