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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
True. True. And even more true. There was nothing false about any of that. Bryony knew what made her happy and when something didn't she did everything in her power to make things go her way until it did.

This was not her fault. She had been born to be a ninja warrior princess. Not always did she mean to drag Ary about and make him suffer through all that he did but he was such a great sport about it! There was hardly a time that he really complained and when he did, Bry would cave in and do what he wanted to do.. because it was him.

Yes, Aryan. Yes, she must. Bryony beamed at her boyiefwiend, nodding her head fast. "All of thems!" That was all the confirmation she needed from him. With a very happy giggling the small blonde dropped to her knees right where she was for some niffler playtime.

Come love her little nifflers!

Such a shrewd little girl she was. It made sense why she would be Sorted into Slytherin in a few years. But they all loved her still; she and her little antics. Ary honestly did not understand Bry’s obsession with being a Ninja Warrior, nor did he find all the training she did impressive but he certainly would always be a sport about it. Friends did that for each other, and he knew they were friends - not her boyiefwiend. Even if she injured him today, he would still allow himself to be dragged about into the thick of Ninja Warrior training tomorrow. Bryony was a lucky, lucky girl.

Ary plopped himself down on the ground beside Bry. Immediately Vinny leapt onto his laugh making the boy giggle. The cute, cuddly thing scurried into his arms, very much at ease with Ary. The two were obviously very familiar with each other. Vinny sniffed Ary then leaned his little head over in Bry’s direction, sniffing her - probably to check for any shiny thing on her person.
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