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Okay. So. Maybe, just maybe, the pep talk of sorts he had given himself last night with house elf made desserts had been in vain. Just the massive oversight that he had been diligent with his savings during the term and therefore had plenty of coin to splurge on some confectionary from the trolley to last him the rest of the summer. Even better was the prospect that he would have a summer job in Diagon Alley this summer which meant lots more opportunities for saving up and buying those things taboo in the Flamsteed household. Also, just ONE more year before the Trace was obsolete. He really could not wait to apply for his license - even if he had no where to go. It was just the principle of the illusion of freedom. You know, teenagery thoughts. If only licorice wands were more thrilling by nature. Still, he had sorted out that the prices here at the food trolley were cheaper than at the it would be for the best if he did a little stocking up now.

Tossing his coin bag idly up and down while he waited in the queue, Atlas debated just how many licorice wands and jelly slugs was enough the tiptoe the line between too much indulgence and reasonable hording.

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