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Another term in the books… These terms kept on going by quicker and quicker with every year, he gained.

Hello Kamran,” he saluted boss man before greeting each of his peers. “Leanne, Tapio, Norman”. All of his colleagues got nods as he took his seat. “I’d say the dance was a success. No repeats of the Merlin’s Pride from years ago paired with the normal level of teenage drama plus the excitement of a young sphinx… All in a days work,” he sighed as he collapsed in his chair.

He had overheard Leanne’s questions about summer plans to Kamran. It was a good question. “Hopefully this summer we can all rest… unfortunately and fortunately… I will be on kid duty this summer with Bianca working throughout the time.” His wife would continue working and he would become the head of the Holden household- overseeing the children and household affairs. Summer was just as busy as the school year.

Especially with three little ones.
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