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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
To tell the truth, Nerina hadn’t been sure this whole theme was going to come together. Discussions had been a bit dizzying with so many different ideas being adopted and she couldn’t quite see how they’d all fit at the time. Nothing worse than gaudy decorations. And while it wasn’t often that Miss Moretti was pleased to be proved wrong, this was one of the exceptions. Everything looked incredible. Herself included, of course.

The brunette had channeled 50s glamour for her hair and makeup, a look that was enhanced ten fold by the dress Kinsay had made her. Pearl in color, elegant silk. The Ravenclaw felt like she’d be better suited walking a red carpet than a pathway towards the lake, but she was lucky to be the one showing off her best’s talent. Just how many times could she name drop her best friend when talking about her evening wear? You’d be surprised.

Skirting the edge of the dance floor, Nerina smiled a little. She spotted Val nearby, but her friend was otherwise occupied. For now she’d simply enjoy the scenery and wait for that adorable boyfriend of hers to come claim a dance or two. Or ten. She did so love to dance.
So far Moose was pleasantly surprised with how the dance was going. Despite his natural scowl there was glint in his eyes that showed some interest toward the dance floor and he gravitated toward it. While he had seen some good tuxes on some of his fellow classmates, Moose went with more of a traditional suit and tie. It was a Dark Navy colored suit, with yellow horizontal and verticals stripes that looked as though they sparkled slightly under the night sky. Of course he covered it with a drab gray overcoat that hid most of the design beneath it's dull color.

Not quiet yet feeling the music to get him to dance he stood at the edge and looked on. Maybe some inspiration would hit and he could show this School just how good a dancer this Moose truly was. He looked to his side and spotted Nerina also standing at the cusp and moved over to stand beside her. "Hey Nerina." He spoke as he stood beside her. "So far, not bad." He took a look at her. "You look nice. Did you choose an element?" He wasn't sure what element 1950's covered, but maybe she had a very extravagant reasoning behind her decision?
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