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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
She received a note from her sister's best friend. Lisa had some theories about her sister and Apollo. She always saw them together and her sister often mentioned him so she just had the tiniest suspicion that there was something going on there. So receiving the letter brought a smile to her face and she even SKIPPED down from the Ravenclaw common room to meet him at the Lachlan statue.

She'd do anything for Maya.

"Apollo?" she called out as she rounded the corner.
Well Maya Nam was intelligent and definitely a good support system to have around. When he heard her sister who wasn't so little anymore?? o.o which wasn't that odd because she was only a year younger than him, yet that difference seems magnified the younger you are, the fifth year stood up from behind the statue to reveal himself.

"I'm here..." He motioned for her. "So uh everything good?" Except this wasn't just an average catching up meeting.

"So what do you think about being asked to the dance via book?" He just dove right into the subject.
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