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For some reason, Keigh wasn't at all surprised that Jude was planning to meet up with Evan. Nor was she surprised at that look from Reagan either. One she couldn't blame her for sending her way. They both had been worrying about Jude so much over the last several months and even though he was doing a great deal better, that worry was always there. Siblings be like that when it came to wanting to protect one another. "Oh, okay. Well you tell him I said hello, yeah?" She smiled at her big brother and then cast a 'he's got this' look at Reagan. They needed to trust Jude.

As for their parents gift, this young blonde nodded in agreement with the older Anders siblings. "I'm good with that. I'm sure we'll know what to get them when we see it." Between the three of them, they were sure to find the perfect thing. If she wasn't used to all of this playful banter she may have been bothered by it but rather, she just giggled shaking her head at it all. "Of course! We are all beautiful!" Yes, Jude, you too. "Okay! Maybe you can help me fix my hair too?" Don't get her wrong here, she LOVED her blonde locks but normally if Reagan or Jude or another member of her family didn't do her hair, she left her it down and sometimes that got in the way. So help her Reagan!
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