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Default Joining Airey, mention of Damian

Arriving on one of the last submarines, Jane walked into the gala area after the party was well underway. Trying to make more of an effort with her clothes than she usually did, she was wearing a full length gown in a deep sea-blue, with a filmy full skirt that was covered with a design of fishes. Jane had even charmed them so that if you looked closely, it seemed as thought the fishes were slowly swimming around the skirt. She stopped briefly at the bar and randomly picked up a cocktail glass full of a deep green liquid--she wasn't even sure if it was a wizarding or a merpeople drink. Moving on, she passed by her colleague in the Death Chamber (Damian) as though she didn't really see him and drifted over to one of the magical barriers to gaze out at the ocean.

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Finally arriving, Airey found himself drawn to the magical barriers surrounding them. Palms pressed against it, an unpleasant and almost rubbery texture to the touch, he gazed out into the depths of the sea with the forlorn look of a cruppy deprived of belly scratch or favorite bit of kibble. An octopus began to swim by, and he found himself humming under his breath a certain tune while leaning forward and pressing his nose against the barrier.

"I'd like to be...under the an octopus' garden..."

All that water...such beautiful water...

His throat grew rather scratchy and he soon was reaching up to loosen his tie. And then, like Atlas and Aries seeing condensation on the window for the first time, he licked the barrier. How many licks would it take to get to the other side? Maybe he would find out...he was terribly thirsty and the vast expanse of ocean before him distracting him from any and all logic.
"We would shout and swim about the coral that lies beneath the waves..." Jane found herself joining in the old song her boss was singing; funny, she couldn't remember where she had ever heard it. And now that was where they were--underneath the sea...

Now and then she sipped at her drink without interest, even though it had a pleasantly cool taste. She had very much wanted a glass of ice-cold water, but ironically that was one drink she hadn't found at the refreshment table. Oh, Merlin, and she was so very thirsty for water, she thought. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward and rested her forehead against the cool, cool barrier...
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