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Default Oceanus, they hubby!
Loveable Gryffinpuff| Stella Bella

A lot has changed for Stella over the last time she was at the last gala. One, she was a proud mama of now two two years olds and now she no longer a Starson, but now Stella Zunther happily married to Oceanus. She couldn't be happier with her life, and now being married to Oceanus was just the icing on the cake. Walking into the place, Stella was in awe of the place it was truly magical and beautiful. "Wow... this is so beautiful."

Walking further into the Cavern Entrance her sky blue eyes looked around for her husband. She told him to go ahead and go seeing how she was still getting ready, surely he has to be here somewhere unless he was dropping the twins off at his parents house. Deciding while she waits for him, she'll mingle with the people around her.

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