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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
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Charles was, still, coaxing himself in the name of diplomacy to take a sip of this beverage and was so honed in on the glass in his hand that he did not noticed he had been joined by an employee from Ecological Regulation and Protection - or else he would have offered a proper greeting and, perhaps, attempt to rope the young man in with a spirit round of cheers. Nor was he aware of the arrival of his grandson and girlfriend. This was...probably for the best. His heart had calmed itself, but he was certain that it would break all over again once he spent time in their company. Inevitable, to be sure, and he would most likely be wrapping Missa up in a grandfatherly hug. Again.

What did draw his attention, however, was the arrival of Hugo over to the coral reef bar...who also took one of the beverages Charles had in hand. "...and in for a galleon," he mused while lifting his own glass up to reciprocate the cheers. Trying not to breath, Charles tipped the glass back to his lips and poured the entirety of the beverage into his mouth - though little bits of seafoam and brine attached themselves to his scruffy beard. It nothing he had ever tasted before. Like an entire sashimi bar in liquid form but with the aftertaste of Tabasco soaked kiwi. One would be enough of these, thank you.

Clearing his throat, eyes watering and smoke swirling out from his ears and nostrils, he lifted the glass to the newest member of the department head team and set it down on the table.
Vivi would have slapped that drink out of Charles' hand if she got to his side even a moment earlier. As it was, she glared at him, glared at Hugo beside him, glared at a passing school of fish... "If you die, I'm going to leave your body here to rot under the ocean. Your family will never be able to visit your grave. So reconsider eating or drinking things I haven't tested? Please?"

Like they hadn't gone over safety protocols a dozen times before making the trip, and twice in the sub (which she'd delayed to check for booby traps). Vivi fidgeted with the cuff of her blouse and stared down a merman waiter bearing a tray. "Hands where I can see them, mister."

Originally Posted by Becky
٠ ✤ ٠

Arm looped around Sam's, Becky Rasting had a very different outlook on the evening than her brother. Though that was hardly something uncommon and she had, in fact, helped him with his outfit for the evening. Eiji Rasting in a suit with a print? It was an achievement for the ages. Her own dress, one she had made herself by deconstructing several old kimono she had purchased in a flea market during her vacation with Sam to Uncle Ryu's home in the mountains of Hakone, was as bold and colorful as the bounce with which she walked.

"Isn't this amazing?" she squealed while hugging her boyfriend's arm. "The only place I can imagine being more magical than this would be a gala among the clouds." Literally dancing on air. She knew Sam was not one for these sorts of functions, but at least a Ministry gala provided a bit more sophistication than university parties did. Not that she ever really attended those to begin with. "I have a new department head this year," she informed him, doing her usual information dump so he did not feel so overwhelmed in the sea of unfamiliar faces. "She is very compassionate, beautiful both inside and out. I'm always nervous with a transition of power, so it's been a relief." Which meant Becky was still very much happy with her role in the level four greenhouse. "Should we go see where we are seated? Or...have a quick chat with Ms Laplace? She seems a bit ---" Becky suddenly began bouncing even more enthuastically on her feet, her heels gently clanking against the dark pearly floor. "Sam! Sam look! It's a school of fish!" Swimming RIGHT through the area in a colorful swirl. "They look like flower petals blowing in the wind."
Sam's tie was already undone and stuffed in his coat pocket, but at least he was wearing a suit. Matching trousers and jacket. Bought by HIM, thank you (chosen by his mother, but he BOUGHT it, so there). He kept fluffing up his overly fancy hair distractedly as he tried to take in all the sights. Take in the sights, and take in Becky's dress, and her bouncing, and all the words she was saying.

He was missing most of the words, honestly, because there were, like... fish. Blew his mind.

"Petals? What?" He paused and caught Becky with one arm, pulling her snugly against his side so he could look down at her bright little face. "Whatever you want, just do it. I'll go where you go. Whatever. Can we eat some of those little... rolled up things? And then we'll go wherever you want." And maybe a drink, because they were FIZZING, and he had to tell his pop about the crazy 'do the Ministry was putting on. Needed all the details to get it right.
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