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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
I don't know what mer-May is but I think this blue-green is delightful and I quite like the big yellow eye on this latest one.
MerMay is so cool! I learned about it from Youtubers online you can also see our Gladrags plug about it in our main info thread *not-so-subtly-nudges-you-that-way*

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
hello I am here to look at some mermaids. you know exactly who wants me to declare appreciation for your bubble mermaid but also I keep staring at her tail because of the blendy colours *-* and I really like the swamp mermaid too, her hair is super neat

I look forward to the sketchbook tour once it's filled up ^^
I wonder who it could possibly be *taps chin* that's a real thinking. My onw regret is that I did not erase the pencil enough and so some of that DARK grey bled into the vibrant colors...but it also sort of adds a bit of depth to it as well. Still wish I had cleaned up better and the marker hadn't smeared that all around as much.

Oof. You may be waiting for...another couple years at this rate But...EVENTUALLY??

MerMay "coral"

click for larger view

inspiration prompt #22 "coral" and R1 coral pink Ohuhu marker
materials Ohuhu brush tip markers, copic fine inking pens 0.1, Gelly R@ll White 1.0

I have a favorite shade in my OG Ohuhu markers that is 'coral pink'. For it being such a favorite color...I rarely use it. SOOOOOO, then the prompt or coral came up...I had to use it. Everything else is basically based around that one color and it really gives her a warm tone. She also seems to be rather inspired by Candela and her FC actually has photos where her hair looks something like I guess my little budding fashion designer is just meant to be a mermaid. Her interests lay more in air and flight, butterflies to be exact, or flora when it comes to design...but maybe she needs to lean into her love for the beach and ocean a little more

Anywhoo...with four mermaids on this page..I don't think I will be doodling anymore or else colors bleed a bit and it get at least I have one page done for MerMay.

click for larger view


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