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He'd simply been exploring when Evan had spotted his sisters entering one of the offices. Out of curiosity, he'd followed just intending to peer in to see what they were doing, but the bolded sign caught his attention. Hair models? He was intrigued now for a different reason. Was this modeling in the sense of pictures being snapped, or was this modeling in the sense of offering hair as tribute to a change? Because one of these things he'd be willing to do, and it was not the former.

Deciding there was no harm in checking it out either way, Evan took a step into the room glancing around as he spotted Nerina, Kinsay and his two sisters.

Blinking a bit, he glanced around at the equipment in the room, still unable to determine which type of models it was by what Nerina had arranged. Maybe both? She certainly had the tools for both. "Hi." He said, offering all the girls a smile. He then nodded towards the camera. "Looks like you got quite a crowd, Nerina. Need help with that portion?" If it was photos she'd been hoping for, he could help take some. Especially if she also wanted to take photos with the girls.

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