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Default Spare Office

If you happen to try one of the doors near the end of the sixth-floor corridor, you might just find yourself in a handsome (if not dusty and aged) office of a surprisingly large size. The faint smell of crystallized pineapple seems to linger in the air of the room, which contains numerous side doors and nooks and crannies. Unfortunately for you, all of them remain firmly locked so there is no telling what lies behind them.

Although the room is devoid of any office-like furniture, or any furniture at all, there is still an impressive, but faded, rug before the large fireplace and long mirror hanging over that to boot. The spare office is still a cool place to hang out, practice some wandwork, or do some light reading. Just don't linger here too long because the allegedly esteemed former person that resided here was only fond of certain guests, of whom were one of his favourites and were only welcome to visit him in this office only as long as they didn't ask prying questions about specific moments in his past.
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