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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

The Consulate paused to listen, doing his best to omit the sounds of the fluttering memos. Yes, that was running water indeed. But why…? And where…? The sound was followed until he came to the toilets. Had someone left a tap on? Thinking that might be the reason, Brody decided that he’d just dart in and turn the water off, whether it was the male or female bathroom.

Was it enough to say the peculiar sight that met his eyes stopped him short from his attention? “Sophie???” Brody’s eyebrows knitted together in alarm and bewilderment. “What are you doing??”
Standing in the toilet, not caring that her feet and shoes got wet Sophie was about to crouch down to take some water to drink when a familiar voice stopped her. Turning her blond head in his direction Sophie blinked several times before she answered matter of factly to her fellow consulate. "I'm getting enough water to quench my acute thirst with Brody," As if drinking toilet water was as common as getting as drinking a glass of butterbeer and not super weird at all. "My throat feels as dry as the Sahara Desert." She continued to explain. Crouching down she scooped up toilet water into her hands which she took several large mouthfuls of before she asked bewildered. "Why are you in the ladies bathroom?" Or had she gone into the men's section?
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