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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
When it came to their family, Hadleigh was very sentimental. Always trying to capture memories whenever she could. The years seemed to fly by them a little quicker each and every single day. The third baby, their only boy, was off to Hogwarts. She couldn't believe it!

Walking alongside her husband, she was able to keep a close eye on their older girls, both Melody and Nova breaking free from the group the moment they had the chance. Much to her disapproval. This was their brothers big day, it would've been nice if they stuck around for five seconds. Kids.

"Ready. Bry, come along," she reached for her youngest daughters hand so they could enter the platform together.

The seven year old blonde was more than a little upset this morning. Her most absolute favoritest person in the whole entire universe was leaving her. He was leaving her behind and he didn't even seem to care! How could he go on to Hogwarts and just leave her at home all alone?

Ready? No, she wasn't ready. And she wasn't about to move either. Small feet planted firmly on the ground, Bry stood right where she was, refusing to move. Not unless Logan paid her some attention and acted like he at least cared in the tiniest bit that he was leaving his favorite baby sister behind. Grabby hands at Logan.
One would think that this whole ordeal would be easier by the time the third child was ready to be sent off to Hogwarts. But, lo and behold, it was not the slightest bit easier. Packing the appropriate things had been, well, a lot of 'you can't bring the crup,' 'your drum set is too big for your trunk,' 'make sure you packed your trousers,' and parenting in general happened. Now there was the one thing Frankie had been simultaneously anticipating and dreading: Bryony's response.

Just like he wasn't surprised that his older two girls had dashed off, the Auror wasn't at all surprised by his youngest's behaviour. As cute as it was that she was refusing to move until her brother gave her attention, this was not the moment for such things when there was a barrier they had to get through within a timely manner.

So the man picked up the seven year old and set her down on the trolley. "He'll have to get his trunk eventually," he whispered to her with a wink.

A look was given to Hads. Hopefully a tantrum and tears had, at least temporarily, been averted.

It wasn't that Logan didn't care about how his sister felt. He did care: he had promised to write to her whenever he remembered to do so, and he was planning on giving her a hug goodbye (begrudgingly, and if she wasn't going to be all weird and annoying about it). But right now he was like a horse wearing blinders; all he was focused on was boarding the train, reuniting with his friends, and finding loads of mischief to get into once they got to school.

That said, Bryony's grabby hands were not noticed.

Lost in thought and totally oblivious to what was going on with his little sister and his parents, the small blond-haired boy stepped toward the entrance to Platform 9. Out of habit, he held his breath as he walked through the wall. A loud exhale and a large grin followed once the scarlet, smoke-billowing train was in view.

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