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It goes without saying that everyone's favourite person in the train is the trolley lady. Old, plump, and just as sweet as the food she sells, she can provide you with the sugary delights you desire -- from Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to Chocolate Frogs to Pumpkin Pasties, it is all there in her trolley! The woman comes around during the middle of the journey and is generally the cause for any traffic jams taking place in the corridor.

When you hear "Anything from the trolley?" be hollered, even from a distance, it would be wise of you to jump up, make sure you have your money in your pocket, and get in the corridor before a long line begins to form. If you are the unfortunate soul that has to deal with an endless line, keep calm and stay put because the wait is certainly worth it. Please make sure you are waiting your turn with patience because the trolley lady is likely to refuse making a transaction with you if she sees you trying to cut in line or pushing people out of the way.

OOC: No one plays the trolley lady, so please role-play receiving snacks and paying on your own.