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Originally Posted by Samia View Post
Oh Missa was there alright. She had actually gotten in early, and seeing as no one had been around - she had decided to rest her eyes a little, since she hadn't been able to get any sleep at her dorm. Only the little bit of 'eyes resting' had now turned into a tiny nap.

Head pressed against her arm on the desk, she was passed out.

And considering how exhausted she had been recently, the smell of the coffee alone might not wake her.
Gabriel set his own coffee down on his desk before checking in on Missa's desk nearby. He heaved an audible sigh of relief when he saw she was there. Things were going according to the plan. His plan to do something nice for his friend.

Something nice like...waking her up.

He cleared his throat, holding the coffee a little closer to her face in hopes that the smell of it would wake her gently. Everybody liked waking up to the smell of coffee, right? But, come to think of it, if she was tired enough to fall asleep on her desk...maybe she'd need a little more than a pleasant smell. "Missa," he muttered, not wanting to be too loud in case anyone else heard and caught on she was sleeping. He raised his voice to his regular indoor talking level. "I brought you coffee."
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