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SPOILER!!: Kinsay <3
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

She probably would have felt a bit guilty, had she known she had made Ash feel self conscious. It wasn't intentional, but sometimes she had a difficult time reigning herself in. In any case, she nodded as Ash spoke. "I wouldn't have offered otherwise," again, she offered the ravenclaw the tiniiiiiest smile. It wasn't a big deal anyway. Just patching up a few holes. It really wouldn't take Kinsay any longer than a few minutes to do and she liked sewing. So.

"By yourself?" That was curious. Ashley had lots of friends from what Kinsay had noticed. Even her own brother. Which was still totally weird, by the way. So why then, would she be going around Hogsmeade on her own? Just seemed kind of lonely. Like, Kinsay was all for alone time, but Hogsmeade weekends were always the best days to spend with friends. You could wear whatever you wanted and got to travel around without adult supervision. It was the closest thing to freedom that they got at Hogwarts. Spending it with friends felt like a no brainer.

"I like that top," she nodded towards one of the ones Ashley held in her hands. "It's cute. You should try it on."

"That's really nice of you." Spending time was even better than spending money. Ash's family spent a lot of money on her, but not very much time. So she was always very confused when people tried to give her their time. Kinsay even more so.

"...I don't mind being alone sometimes. Spending so much time around others 24/7 is a little exhausting. Now I can just take a walk and enjoy myself without worrying about social stuff." And also, she did not have 'lots' of friends to hang out with. She had some friends(yes including Teddy, and Fifi, and no it was not totally weird), and then a lot of people who didn't mind her presence. And they all had plans for today. So. If Ash WAS lonely, she wasn't going to admit it.

"I think I will try some of these on." Ash smiled, slightly more relaxed than she had seemed a few moments ago. "What are you looking for?"
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