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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

Ash did not appear to have heard Cooper at all. She had heard, but she was far too engrossed in her art to listen. So it was a good minute of her just accidentally ignoring him(continuing with the humming) until she distractedly looked up and noticed he was talking to her. "Hm? Oh, ummm, yeah sure. I don't mind.... Hey Cooper..." As long as he didn't kick her out. That would be mean and Ash would not go along with it.

She looked over at him from her spot in the corner. "What are you making?" Was it gonna be fun? Was it going to be messy? Could she see? Ash had always been fascinated by what other people chose to make, and the potential for a new perspective was enough to catch her attention for a while. It wasn't enough to make her get off the floor though. It was comfy down here. And she could see the door without the door seeing her.

Not wanting to interrupt her process...and also not wanting to intrude even if the Art Room was a public space, Cooper shifted his weight between his feet as well as course of action. It really would be no big deal for him to take a few supplies with him and attempt his project elsewhere. On the other hand, staying here would be so much easier since all the resources were here and something unexpected may pop up and inspire him. So, thankfully, his own indecision was enough of a delay that he received a response from Ashley and he smiled appreciatively.

"Thanks," he offered, his smile widening into a grin. "I know artists each have their own process and ritual with didn't want to tread on yours." Taking his on canvas over to an empty easel, he set his bag on the stool beside him and pulled it open. One foot on the lower rest of his own stool and eyed the canvas. Maybe...he should paint it a color first?

"Hmm?" he hummed, distracted in his thoughts as he leaned back towards her but kept his gaze on the blank canvas. "Oh ...I'm not entirely sure yet," he chuckled, running his fingers through his hair and ruffling it. "Just...sort of got a vision for a piece...sort of a collage." Which then drew his attention back to his bag, which he then leaned over towards and pulled a stack of papers from. "Tearing up these is step one."


Or paint the canvas first?

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