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Kinsay wasn't here alone. She did, however, manage to lose her friends somewhere between the shop over and Gladrags. Confident in knowing they'd check for her here, she decided to go about shopping even without them. It was smart to get a head start. She'd likely end up wanting to spend more time here than they would, so she tried to look at this as an opportunity. Mm, see? Forward thinking.

Keeping her hand stretched out before her, she made her way down the aisles of clothes. The fabric brushing against her skin was the most comforting feeling. She didn't understand how some people could shop without touching the clothes. It was half the fun.

Soon the Gryffindor found herself nose deep in a rack of sales items, sorting through meticulously and looking for unique finds to add to her collection. It was funny, even with all her clothes, she never had anything to wear!
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