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The Hogsmeade Post Office is a smaller version of its Diagon Alley counterpart and is one of the oldest but best-kept buildings in the village. Students and villagers alike have utilised the post office and its hundreds of owls for centuries. The shop, which is small but humming with the noise of friendly birds, houses at least two to three hundred owls, ranging from Great Grey Owls to tiny Scops Owls, the latter of which are for "local deliveries only."

Upon entering the building, you will see the numerous owls sitting on colour-coded shelves based on how quickly they will arrive at their destination, with the quickest owls costing the most. Take your time selecting your owl carefully as the others tend to get jealous when they are looked over. Be cautious of owl droppings and don't annoy the owls -- there is no guarantee that they will not take a nip.

OOC: If you would like to send an owl post via the Hogsmeade owls, you must fill out this questionnaire, and are encouraged to RP in this thread. As with the rest of Hogsmeade, the shopkeeper is an NPC.