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The dramatic noises from Dawn were certainly noted as Evan glanced over at the Slytherin, eyebrow slightly raised and hand still outstretched towards the Hufflepuff on the ground. "How did you manage to get so buried, Dawn?" Had she burrowed intentionally, like some type of winter rabbit? That seemed entirely unlikely given how cold she appeared to be now. "Want me to cast a warming charm?" He assumed the fact she had not yet had been due to the fact she wasn't great at them, rather than just not having thought of it.

But before he could move to do that if she wanted though, Jude had grabbed the offered hand but was pulling him DOWN rather than using it to get UP. "Oof." The Ravenclaw grunted a bit, before face planting into the snow as well. Snow angels were not something he made often, but he was pretty sure he was doing this wrong as he attempted to roll himself over and more onto his back.

At least he could still hear, which meant Jude's explanation was not lost on deaf ears. Just cold ones. "The rillow?" Apparently he'd managed to get a mouth full of snow, which he swallowed to try again. "The willow attacked?" That was peculiar. "Do you think it's capable of just getting... I dunno, bored?" Could Peeves inhabit the Willow somehow?

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