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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Simon nodded enthusiastically as Mr. Yoon answered his question perfectly. Despite the excitement he felt within his bones, the man kept his deadpan expression visible but simply nodded. Consider him pleased. Very pleased. “Indeed. It is… and sometimes you find signs in your surroundings but then again perhaps that’s over analyzing the situation.” He chuckled. Not that Simon was good at that- he was BRILLIANT- at over analyzing.

A little…” He paused before reevaluating his position. He hasn’t gained anymore data since the last time he had gone through the library and he was still waiting for a reply from Mordaunt on this one. “Perhaps more than a little….

The very next phrase that Yoon offered brought a smile that Holden couldn’t hide off of his face. He chuckled, surprised to hear that someone would mention Caesar’s Cipher. “That’s true… Caesar’s Cipher! Merlin! Haven’t heard that in ages.. takes me back. I used to be obsessed with writing in codes…” he nodded. “My third year at Hogwarts there was a riddle pertaining to the Arthurian Legend and that was the year the school faced an eternal winter… most likely caused by a rune or something else.. I was trying to see if there were more runes around the school that could explain what we are seeing…

He’d have to ask his peer again about it.

His eyebrows arched when Yoon mentioned he was interested in wandless magic. “Wandless magic, you say? A helpful skill to have…. extra marshmallows always help get the studying cogs a turning,” he smiled before cocking his head to the side to look at Mr. Yoon. “Whats fascinating about Animagi, Mr Yoon? Looking to become one?
Daniel was convinced that answering the Professor's question would have earned him House points for Hufflepuff. But when it was never awarded to him, the teenager let out a disappointed sigh that was barely audible.

His gaze returned to the closed notebook in the Professor's hand before he looked at the walls as the man paused for a moment, obviously wondering how much he could tell a mere student, but this only piqued Daniel's interest.

He wasn't surprised to learn that the Professor used to write in code when he was younger. He, on the other hand, did not do so. It was too much trouble, and he had more pressing concerns than remembering a secret code he had devised for himself. But it was the fact that he spoke about a curse that had been placed upon Hogwarts many years back that caught his interest again. He wasn't surprised, after all, this was Hogwarts. He lived through a curse only last year.

"You're talking about these cracks in the castle's walls, right?" he began slowly, taking his hands from his robe pockets. "Is it possible that they are the remnants of last year's vines? Isn't it similar to how a curse leaves a scar?" he scratched the back of his neck. "But come to think of it, Headmaster Kazmi did say that whoever planted Pharaoh's Triumph had not been found. Do you think they left a Rune mark somewhere in case plan A failed?" That wasn't so far-fetched, was it? "I mean, i know that he said that no lingering curse had been found by the Curse-breakers but what if they missed it?" The castle was huge after all. "Or maybe some were working for the culprit? Or maybe it's someone we all know or maybe it's a family member of someone who lost a loved one during the war and they blame Hogwarts for what happened? or maybe ..." Over-analyzing. He had that skill too.

Daniel gave a nod. It was a useful skill, but he was still irritated that Hogwarts didn't teach wandless magic like at Uagadou. But, aside from that branch of magic, he was currently more interested in Animagi. "Yes" he replied in such a resolute tone that he surprised himself. "I'm not the only one who is interested though.I know a couple of other students who would love to become one... I believe it would be a useful skill to learn, but it is also frightening... The consequences of a failed transformation..." he shuddered at the thought and his thoughts went to the cat ears that Maya had told him to try on during Halloween. It would be like that right? part animal, part beast. This was why he didn't jump into the process but was going to take his time and research everything he could. He didn't want to walk around having a tail!
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