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A stairwell a day kept the arthritis away.

Actually, Cyril was quite certain that was not at all how it worked. But it was something he told himself anyways to remind him to give all his joints a good stretch to keep his body as young as possible, for as long as he possibly could. Hogwarts gave ample opportunity for this by traveling the grounds alone. And he certainly had good cause to head to the owlery today as it were, the small piles of dirt he'd spotted in corridors giving him cause to want to look around further.

And good thing! As he made his way up the staircase and to the school owls, he noticed a small imperfection in the stone, a crack as it were. With a wave of his wand, it was quickly patched and forgotten about as his made his way in and spotted a few students with the owls. "Ah, Miss Blackthorne, Mr. Anders, lovely day to send a letter isn't it?" The gentleman beamed at them both, before he approached an owl and pulled a treat from his pocket to offer. "And did I hear it's a birthday?"

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