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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Even with the aid of a cane, Charles still had plenty of pep to his step as he approached Isabel's office. Having just taken a quick swing through the greenhouses to see how everything was growing (read: he had wanted to see his granddaughter on the job and given a little tour of what all she and the other caretakers were working on), the Minister figured he was due for another little peek in on his newest department head. She had done great work in her time on the team, after all. She had also mentioned in passing, though a little on edge in said passing, about wanting to discuss some finding or another with him in private.

Therefore, here he was, knocking on her door with the hand not supported by a cane.
Isabel sincerely hoped to fill the vacant head botanist position in the upcoming placement period. In the absence of a leader, she had been working closely with the botany division over the past year, and was very happy with the progress each employee made on their respective projects. But recently, she had been reflecting on this - her unequal focus on the divisions in her department - and wondered if things would have turned out differently had she split her attention more equally and communicated some more with the other divisions.

The department head stood in the center of her office with her back to the window as she studied the Mappa Mundi pinned up on the opposite wall. Her green eyes, which had previously been fixed on one particular spot on the map of magical habitats, slid over to the Remembrall on her desk when she heard a knock on the door. It was clear, which meant (certainly? probably? possibly?) that she was not forgetting an appointment. A spontaneous visit, then! Her favourite kind. "Come in," she said, turning sideways to face the doorway.
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