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Originally Posted by Helios Sunrider View Post
"Sorry.." Damian said, not needing his spell to pick up on the vibes Jane was giving off. "My mind has been all abuzz lately." In a magical world of endless possibilities, how could it not? "Trying to turn all this nervous energy into something positive."

The urge to ramble, and spin an anecdote off into a long-winded story, was strong with him. But, instead, he only spoke a simple statement. "I have some theories about this chamber." Holding his hands up in surrender, he added. "But that can wait. I should let you get back to work." The wizard knew how important her work was. To her, and the larger wizarding world. He couldn't help but feel a little guilty for taking up her time with his prattling on.
Jane lifted from her chest what appeared to be a pocket watch, but one that gave off a magical aura, and consulted it gravely. "Yes, I'm afraid I'm going to have to return to the lab area, my solution is just about ready for the next step. But let's have tea later and you can tell me about your theories." Anything to do with the Death Chamber would be of interest to Jane.

She turned and walked back up the steps to the sectioned off area in one section of the top level that had been turned into a laboratory for her. Just before she disappeared around the partition, she turned and called over her shoulder, "And Damian--try not to let your emotions override your judgement out there." And she gave one of her enigmatic smiles before returning to her work.
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