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Conley felt something hit his shoulder. He took a moment to thank both Radhika and Sachin for giving him three years to prepare for this, because three years ago, Conley would probably have screeched like a thunder bird and booked it out of the room just as fast. Instead, he merely held in a gag and then stepped back as the carpet moved and deposited the man he had been calling for. "Oye!" he said jumping back as the carpet dashed off. He shot a stunning spell after it, but missed. The spell bounced off the wall and hit a plant, knocking it over. He sighed. He was really getting lack on his spellwork. Maybe he and Sachin could practice duel sometime soon.

"Alright there?" Conley asked looking at the puke on his shoulder. He made a face wishing he could yank the jacket off and burn it. Instead, he leaned forward and offered Brody a hand up. "What was that doing here? Since when do you take joyrides about the ministry? Anything broken? Do I need to send for a healer? Someone go after that carpet! OR at least tell transportation they're missing some of their rugs!" Who was he yelling at? Anyone who was around that wasn't currently covered in puke. That was who.
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