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All the classrooms looked unique and different to Delilah. She hadn't quite figured out what they normally looked like, because they changed every time she walked in. For a firstie, this was super exciting, although she imagined by the time she was a third or fourth year, that excitement will have worn off. Maybe. Maybe not. "Hello, Professor," she said, as she passed him by. She didn't really expect a reply, though. He looked super busy with whatever all that was.

She eyed the holes in the wall, wondering what had caused them, and then turned her attention to the parchment on a random desk. She took a seat and then read the instructions on the board. Sleuthing? Awesome! ... Sleuth what, though? Again, her attention turned to all that super secretive noisy stuff going on at the front of the room. Had she not been so distracted, she would have noticed the word search in front of her. Oh. OHHHH. Ahem. She was totally aware that had been there all along.

She took out a quill and some ink and started searching the page.
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