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If you asked Emmerson how concerned she was about her History of Magic OWL, you may get a different answer every time you asked. Some days, she felt like she was SO SURE she knew what started the goblin rebellions...and other days she got back grades that assured her she certainly did not. No real winning with this subject, the Gryffindor just had to get it over with and pray for the best.

It was safe to say she had taken her mother's threat to pull her from all dance activity if she didn't get good OWL scores very seriously.

When one was a rising star like she was, any threat to fame had to be taken seriously and handled. Later, Emm would get herself a tutor and everything. For now, she was still trying to remember that classes were not optional, no matter how close to nailing a new move she was.

Hair still tied into a tight bun from the earlier practice she had managed to slip in, Emmerson made her way into the classroom. "Hey Professor," She greeted as she finished tying her tie back into place. "Are we watching wizarding reality shows from the past?" Because she'd love to sit and do nothing while she got her heart rate back where it was supposed to be.
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