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Milo had a way of entering a room as though he'd turned up entirely by accident, and it was curious, that this almost always seemed to be the case for his timetabled lessons. He drifted silently in - still no shoes in sight, those belonged to the Giant Squid now - and claimed the first desk directly by the door.

Milo didn't sit so much as perch, like a five foot two gargoyle, made of teeth and bone and flesh and blue eyes. But, with his socked feet slipping and sliding and offering him no purchase on the wooden chair, he shifted from squatting on the seat to kneeling, feet poking out behind him as he sat back on his own legs.

With a pen he fished from his pocket, Milo focused on completing the word search, neatly filling each and every square with an immaculate block of black ink and ensuring none of the letters were visible, until he had just one big black square on the parchment. As for the words down the side, he filled in every loop and closed in space of every letter, and called it a success.

Better. History, interesting as it could be, tended to play on Milo's mind a lot more than he'd have liked at the least convenient times. What he liked better was to shore up his defences, obscure and neutralise potential threats, and anchor himself, before History dug in its talons and flew away with him.

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