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Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
"A very long while since I've been here too," said Camilo cheerfully, giving Anita a smile. If he remembered correctly, his last visit to Scamander Zoo was with his Caerphilly Catapults teammates - yes, THAT long ago - when they decided to give the new kid from Argentina a proper tour around Wizarding Britain. He did not remember feeling as happy then as he did today, and he knew it was all because of the difference in company.

Unbeknownst to himself, the former Quidditch player had been glancing at his girlfriend more than at the wide range of fantastic beasts they passed by. He did want to learn a new fact or two about the magical creatures, but got distracted whenever Anita laughed because he could not resist catching another glimpse of her lovely dimple. The cause of the giggling this time seemed to be a gnome that looked like him. "Haha, well you look like - hmmm, nope none of the gnomes here are pretty ... oh, I got it. Make fun of me some more and you'll be a lot like that one," he retorted playfully as he pointed at a Jarvey in the Gnome Garden.

Since they both hadn’t visited the Zoo in a while, Anita was all in a bubble of happiness that she had chosen the spot for their date. Like Camillo, Annie was thrilled to be here and it was mainly due to his presence. His presence in her life took her happiness to an entire new level. Sometimes, she was still in awe that Camillo had made an impact this quickly on her.

Did her boyfriend think that he was being covert? She had no problem bursting his bubble as Annie had figured it out after she caught him sneaking glances at her. Not to mention sneaking glances at his handsome face was something which she enjoyed doing too. In fact, she enjoyed it as much as she did working on her designs. “Flattery will get you nowhere, Mister,” Annie remarked, giggling happily again. Oh, oh! He thought of her as a Jarvey?

“Then I’m a rabid jarvey! You’d better run for your life unless you want to be bitten!” Cue Anita baring her teeth and bugging out her eyes. Yep. She was totally being silly.
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