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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
Before he could get to the portrait disguising the entrance to the kitchens, though, he caught sight of a familiar figure slipping into the laundry room amongst a flurry of pink, and he shifted direction to step inside just after his sister. “Someone pulling a prank this early in the school year?,” he asked, leaning against the wall near the door casually. Either that, or Rosa was having difficulty with color changing charms.
At the sound of her brother's voice Rosa whipped around eyes going wide in startlement, as she dropped the clothes she was holding into a heap on the floor as she mumbled out since their was no use lying. "Hi bro, I er messed up my color changing charms." Pointing to her pink bubble gum hair Rosa said "I got the hair right, I just didn't expect all my clothes to turn smashing pink too."

Leaning down to pick up a pair of trousers up that she tossed in the laundry tub she asked "How did you know I was in here anyway Ryan?" Please tell her that she hadn't left a trail of underwear from the badger common room to the laundry room, because that'd be so embarrassing.
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