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Anita thought that the Scamander zoo was a lovely place for date number… what number was it now? She peered over at Camillo thoughtfully. They had gone on so many dates by now that she had lost track. The fun they had had on each of the preceding ones certainly wasn’t something that she had forgotten, however. “It’s been a while since I’ve been here,” the woman admitted. Work, of course, had been the triggering factor that kept her away from having too much free time. For that reason, being back at the zoo certainly felt like a breath of fresh air.

Though not fully fresh because fertiliser, manure and all the other smelly stuff that accompanied a zoo. At that moment, they happened to come across the Gnome Garden. Giggling like a little girl, Anita threaded an arm through her date’s. “Look! That one looks a lot like you,” she teased, pointing a small, fat gnome.
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