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Ever wonder where your dirty underpants wind up? Just down the corridor, not terribly far from the staircase to the kitchen, the door to the laundry room can be found. What you will find in this room will, likely, not be a surprise. Within are no Muggle washing machines or dryers. Instead, front and centre, are large tubs with accompanying wash boards and sticks. A bizarre system of clothes lines fill the back of the room, beside which tables and large hampers await.

If you happen to wind up here on your House's laundry day, you will see your clothes -- hopefully labelled -- and the clothes of your fellow housemates being washed and dried by a team of house-elves. It is not uncommon to hear them bickering with each other or joining together in a motivational song to help make the job get completed quicker. First the clothes are scrubbed squeaky clean with soap and steaming hot water. They are next hung to dry and then neatly stacked on one of the large tables to be folded and placed back in the hamper to be returned to their owners.

Students are always welcome to be proactive and do their own laundry or at least lend the house-elves a hand. There sure is a lot of laundry to do!