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Originally Posted by Helios Sunrider View Post
Damian let a moments silence linger between them. A thousand words living and dying on his tongue without any escaping. Until. "I would ask about this experiment of yours that has taken you so close to the edge, but privacy is one of the few luxuries that we are afforded here." He spoke more out of concern than curiosity.
Jane relaxed a bit as Damian seemed to return to normal (or at least what passed as normal for her sometimes unpredictable colleague). "Oh, it's not a particular secret--it's just the next phase after the healing elixir I was working on during all the ... unpleasantness at the Ministry a few years ago." Jane paused to think about that for a minute, and was glad again that she had been working on that elixir just when Airey Flamsteed needed it. "It's just the decay of the old in preparation for new life and growth. But it can be rather...difficult. The Dark Night of the Soul,' some call it. It's not overwhelming, not when you are expecting it. And curiously," she went on, getting enthused about her work again, "getting attacked and being half-conscious in the hospital all that time seems to have jump-started the whole thing a bit. Even though I lost my previous work because of the attack, I now seem to know exactly what needs to be done now to get on with it. That is," she said, pausing to give Damian a look directly in his eyes, "That is, of course, if nothing interferes with it again." And with that, she glanced over to where Damian had concealed the book he'd come in with, then back again. That thing imprisoned in the Death Chamber had better not disturb her experiments.
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