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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

A dog who was very pleased with all the attention they were receiving, tongue hanging out the side of the mouth and panting eagerly. The man even received palm through of slobbery kisses while he knelt down - something Jade was still working on with Coconut not to do to complete strangers as it was not always well received. Problem was that Coconut was a terribly affectionate creature with a particularly short attention span and memory when it came to reigning those habits in. One handler had suggested to Jade that she utilize a choke collar for training.

Jade never spoke to this person ever again. Barbarian.

"Oh," she laughed a bit while once again brushing some of her long black hair aside, she really should have tied it back more professionally. "This is Coconut, my overly affectionate and enthusiastic to a fault rescue dog." Right on cue, Coconut's ears perked up and panted all the more happily. Yes, that was their name! "And I'm Jade," she continued, finally tearing her attention away from her pup properly to look at the blonde and offer her hand for shaking. "And what can we call the hero of the hour?"
Luckily, this was a man who'd been licked my much worse than an adorable, tiny little pup. He was pretty sure that a tiger had once, or possibly just a very large dog dressed up as a tiger, but even so - this little thing had nothing on whatever that was.

"Coconut," Leander repeated with a delighted laugh. "Incredibly fitting." When she extended her hand, Leander offered an apologetic smile and raised the dog-slobber covered hand. "Whilst I'm sure you're used to it, I feel like it would strip me of my title of 'hero of the hour' to shake your hand right now," he couldn't help but joke. "And whilst I love being referred to as the hero, most people call me Leander." He added as an afterthought, running a hand through his hair before instantly regretting it, as obvious by his face.

Whilst he didn't mind an affectionate dog, slobber in his hair was not the look he was going for.

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