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Did he look disappointed and slightly frustrated? Because Ronan was definitely feeling those two emotions right now. His white whale had managed to elude him once more and Damian was still managing to make a nuisance of himself. Did bats have FEATHERS? Absolutely not, they had fur like other mammals. And those were definitely feathers on the floor with the fur, which he was pretty sure was not bat fur. Also, bats didn't chirp-birds did.

He was going to make a dark joke about finding a certain predecessor of a certain current annoyance, but then he remembered that those two had been spotted among the Inferi at the Battle of Hogwarts and thought better of it.

"Yeah, guess I better," he replied, sounding resigned. Resigned to having to let the whole thing go. Which wasn't sitting exactly well with the auror, not just because of auror-y reasons but because of personal reasons that absolutely had everything to do with the scar on his hand and absolutely nothing to do with other feelings that he may or may not have been feeling before a certain revelation. "But first..." He stepped towards a certain annoyance (Damian) and cawed like a crow. Loudly. Into his ear.

Mean? Yes. Immature? Also yes. But it made him feel slightly better.

Ronan summoned the evidence kit again, opening it once he'd caught it and slipping on a pair of latex gloves. Gloves on and possibly snapped a couple of times, he went around the room and bagged up pieces of evidence, labeling and sending the bags along to the level two forensics lab as he went. A few feathers here, some fur there, a few scrapings from the bones....
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