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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

This was happening for real. Just a year ago he had been planning to steal the key to the restricted section together with Lisa and Alfie and now he was entering with permission!

A small voice in the back of his mind told him to find Lisa so that she could live this historic moment too. But if he did he'd miss his opportunity so he followed the rest of the group to the restricted section. Once they stood in front of the door, Daniel wasn't surprised at all that it not only opened with a key but also with the use of magic. Too bad he didn't know what kind of spell the librarian used but he was certainly going to remember this little detail. For possible future use...

Daniel was a bit disappointed that professor Kazmi mentioned that they had to stick to the herbology books but to go against it now, with so many professors present would be a dumb thing to do. He wistfully stared at the rows of books, his hand wanting to pick some randomly out of the bookcase but he didn't.

With a sigh, the Hufflepuff figured he was lucky enough to even be inside of the restricted area at the age of twelve. He was SO going to write about this to Minjae...


If he had been standing only a few steps to the right, the book that had fallen off of the top shelf would have landed on his head. This was his lucky day, wasn't it? Becoming curious, the second year walked over to the book and stooped down to pick it up. Maybe the school was trying to help them out? "Professor?" he called not caring who would answer. "Is this something that we need?" he asked as he flipped the pages of the title, name and authorless book.
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