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Since Apollo shuffled into the library there was A LOT that was happening. Including his dormmate with a badly injured face asking Kazmi about his leg? You were one to talk? There was commotion about an overdue library book from his older housemate, but really nothing was as concerning as the fact that he - Apollo Grimm Adara-Stark, was about to be admitted into the Restricted Section for the very first time in his life!!! Sure he was with a group and there were enough professors here that meant that he couldn't cause TOO much trouble, but still. There were dark secrets kept in here that one could only dream about.

Just as soon as Euka would unlock it - which apparently when something was anticipated, things seemed to move in like 48 frames per second slow motion.

Which was finally complete with Kazmi telling them to make sure they stick to the herbology books. Got it... His eyes widened as they scanned over the titles he could see comfortably, picking off one from the shelf that had a leaf picture on the binding.

Not quite sure what he was meant to be looking for, he opened it randomly somewhere in the middle ... a plant jumping out from the page to pinch his nose. In which Apollo instinctively shut it. "Nope." He said to no one in particular.
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