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Claudine joined the line to follow Applewood down to the kitchen. This was going to be fun. Maybe. Either way, she found herself anticipating the activity to come. Once they were there at the kitchen, Claudine took some time to observe the set up and the equipment. Yes, definitely cake stuff. She silently made her way to one of the tables as instructed, taking a spot at one of the rows at the back.

Her eyes were fixed on the prepared cake before her. Claudine was thinking to herself that since she was such a good artist, decorating shouldn’t be too difficult for her. And yes, she was definitely going to be watching Applewood’s demonstration before getting started.

First, Claudine tied her hair in a messy bun before washing her hand, making sure to get under her nails as well. With the cake board on the turntable and the first cake on it, Claudine began applying frosting with the offset spatula. She dalloped a healthy amount of it onto the cake then began spreading the goop around. This wasn’t so bad and she immediately felt a bit more comfortable. She turned the turntable this way and that to help things even out. The girl even found that leaving her spatula still and allowing the turntable to spin helped with that. That done, the second layer of cake was placed onto the frosted one. More goops of frosting came, plus more turning and evening out. By this time, the Snakette was having the time of her life. Her crumb coat was thin, but it was perfect.

Into the icebox it went.
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