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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
I told you I wouldn't wait so long this time. I know I kNoW ;; but listen I... have no defence actually, so I'm just going to own it.

but now I can be (slightly) more reasonable.

it's wild how picking up things along the way often happens without really noticing it's happening, or actively seeking out to nail a technique other than by trying things. also it's so interesting to look at your earlier pieces and the recent ones to see how your entire approach has evolved. you really do paint and paint and paint (and paint and paint. I'm in awe).

you said something in a post about moving away from using the ink so much to do shading and texture and Samoa here is a good example of that. I like the effect of where it does come in, like in the greenery and those roofs (rooves??? roofs?????). speaking of, those building hats came out so good, with the texture and the shading and the form.

the colours in the first two here *-* and more painty shading too. Saint Kitts & Nevis is so vibrant and yet calm and peaceful (and not to be ariana on main but I really like that tree). the perspective in Saint Lucia is the light and shading is... unfair, I want to comment on it every time you post a thing. also, details in watercolours are the same level of witchcraft as shading as far as I'm concerned. you might have already mentioned it but how big is the paper you're working on?

I really just want to stick my face in the water of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. the colours... blend(? flow? I don't know painting words) together so well. also I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, I've said a lot of things about a lot of things, but the way you sometimes do the sky as like a piece of sky but in a way that successfully suggests an entire sky is really neat. It's very effective in Saint Kitts & Nevis also.
I see you back in here again, and it makes my heart so warm. I might be having a bit of a cardiac event, so let's revisit that warm feeling later.

I really DO paint and paint and paint. It's helpful to have an end game (paint all the countries) or a sketchpad or something so you don't end up with a pile of slips of paper... although I have that too. But the organized way keeps things in order and helps you see development over time for sure.

I do have some shading on this one that I think you'll like, plus some trees for Ariana. And some sky pieces... I guess that's for you.

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